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new updates! :)

lots of new journal entries :p http://marquis86.wordpress.com/

journal :)

new journal pages :p

i have lots of new journal entries :p http://marquis86.wordpress.com/ the latest is of some fish :)


latest journal entry!


playing around with type from my new 'just my type' book by simon garfield!




mimu is doing really well! :) she's adorable and really loving. she's asleep next to me on the sofa at the mo :p she also gets on really well with charlie. they play all day and he loves her bum :p don't worry - he's been neutered! :o

since i haven't done a proper update for ages, here's a quick update on me! :) i got my degree and i finally got an interview for the pgce in art and design for further education! :) i got accepted the following day and i start on wednesday! :) i'm really scared but excited too. it sounds like the hardest course ever and i'm sure i'll struggle! :o at least i'm finally on the right track to getting to where i want to go! :)

dad's coming to visit tomorrow to show me his new car and of course, to see mimu! :)

yuriy's got his passport interview thing tomorrow too, so he should have that soon! :)

got one of yuriy's work colleagues coming to stay next week :p really nice guy, so that should be nice. it'll make a change anyway :p

and, just as important as all those things - i want chocolate :( do we have any? no :(

our new kitty, mimu :p


just finished putting up photographs of current college art exhibition here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/marquis86/